About US

who are we ? We are a Syrian local news service , that specializes in publishing news, reports, and humanitarian stories, around the clock and depends on a network of correspondents distributed across the Syrian governorates.

Baladi News Network is committed to the professional standards of the Syrian revolution , which demands freedom, justice and dignity for the Syrian people, and it rejects religious and ethnic extremism. Baladi depends on credibility and objectivity in delivering the news, and respects its readers in relation to the articles it publishes through its website, whether in English or Arabic.

We seek the truth , in all fairness and independence, without trying to achieve a scoop at the expense of the truth . The News Network report events 24/7 , which is done in collaboration with its correspondents who cover political, military, social and humanitarian fields.

Baladi is responsible of its content , relying on the efforts of its reporters and editors , taking into account the ethical and professional journalistic standards. As for the content of our website ,the visitor is permitted to cite from our materials, provided that he/she mention the source and the author of the article ,and any observer of the site is entitled to inquire about the content of press materials in the event of a syntax error or false information stated, because we consider that a contribution to the development of the website's performance in the future. We acknowledge any error when occurred , and are committed to do whatever necessary to correct it and apologize for it, to avoid recurrence.

The Network was established by the Syrians Union in Diaspora, which is a group of expatriates , whose love and patriotism united them , and they saw in the network a way to contribute to building Syria and liberate it from oppression and tyranny, in order to raise it to the level of developed countries, with an actual participation in the Syrian revolution, which is demanded by Syria's sons, inside and outside the country.