Turkey sends qualitative reinforcements to Idlib, video - It's Over 9000!

Turkey sends qualitative reinforcements to Idlib, video


Turkish forces dispatched new military reinforcements to Idlib province on Thursday midnight, consisting of more than 100 vehicles, including tanks, armored vehicles, drills, engineering machines and logistical equipment.

According to Baladi News correspondent in Idlib, on Thursday after midnight, a huge Turkish military convoy entered from the Kafr Lusin crossing in the northern Idlib countryside to the depth of the liberated areas in Idlib province.

These huge reinforcements arrived at dawn at Al-Mastumah camp near the town of Al-Nayrab in the southeastern Idlib, and they might be distributed to the newly established Turkish military points in the western Idlib countryside.

The arrival of the Turkish convoy coincided with the arrival of reinforcements to Assad regime soldiers in Jabal al-Zawyia.

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