Civilian Victims in Idlib and Continued Clashes in al-Manshiyya of Daraa


Friday 17 February 2017 | 6:23 PM Damascus Time

IdlibDaraaRebelsRegime ForcesAleppoHamaDamascus CountrysideHoms

  • Baladi News – (Daily Report)

     SDF forces based over Barsaya Mountain targeted refugee camps in “Bayyazi Bagh” in Aleppo northern countryside, which caused injuries among civilians.

    In the southern countryside, Assad’s regime helicopters dropped barrel-bombs on the villages of Tal Alloush and Jazraya, which killed 4 civilians including a woman and 2 children in al-Habeit town.

    A child was killed and another got burned in Sarmin of Idlib northern countryside, whereas a number of civilians, including children, in the western countryside due to missile shelling on Bdama town that also caused material losses.

    In Hama, highly explosive missiles were fired at the towns of Kafr Zita, Al-Lataminah and Murak, but no casualties were reported, and artillery shelling was waged al-Toloul al-Homr causing damage to buildings.

    In Homs, two civilians were killed and others were wounded in artillery shelling on the besieged al-Waer neighborhood.

    In Raqqa, media sources said that the international coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on al-Tabaqa city on Thursday, which caused the death of a child and the injury of a number of civilians.

    Yesterday, the international coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on Raqqa city, which caused 5 victims and more than 7 injured people.

    In Damascus province, a civilian was killed by a regime sniper on the outskirts of al-Maida’ani town in al-Marj, noting that he is a breadwinner woodman who works to buy the daily bread and medicine for his family.

    In Daraa in the south, sporadic clashes took place in al-Manshiyya in Daraa al-Balad amid missile and artillery bombardments on the liberated neighborhoods of the city.

    IdlibDaraaRebelsRegime ForcesAleppoHamaDamascus CountrysideHoms