A Prominent Commander Of Iraqi Militias Killed By Daraa's Rebels

A Prominent Commander Of Iraqi Militias Killed By Daraa's Rebels
  • Saturday 10 June 2017

Ibrahim Ramadan, Baladi News

One of the Iraqi militias that are fighting alongside the 4th Division and the Republican Guard against Daraa's rebels said that one of its prominent field military commanders was killed.

Militia of "Imam Hussein Brigade", which is an Iraqi Shiite militia fighting under the banner of "Hezbollah" in the province of Daraa south of Syria, announced on Thursday the death of its field military commander "Falah al-Jubouri" at the hands of rebel factions in Daraa.

Local and foreign sources confirmed the participation of dozens of sectarian militias from inside and outside the country in the battles of Daraa against the Syrian opposition factions under the largest air cover yet by Russian warplanes in an attempt to advance on al-Manshiya neighborhood and reach the old customs of Daraa that connects Syria with Jordan.

Western news agency pointed out in many reports this week that the Iranian regime has provided the Iranian and Iraqi sectarian militias with internationally-prohibited weapons to use them in the battles against the Syrian opposition in the outskirt of Daraa.

The same sources said that the Russian warplanes along with the Iranian and Iraqi militias have committed massacres against civilians and uses many internationally-prohibited militias during the ongoing battles.