Sources to Baladi News:A buffer zone between the regime and the opposition forces in 6 months


Sunday 10 June 2018 | 2:22 PM Damascus Time

TurkeyRUSSIAregime forcesSyrian oppositionde-escalation zones

  • Sources to Baladi News:A buffer zone between the regime and the opposition forces in 6 months

    Baladi News 

    (Special report)

    A reliable source told Baladi News that Turkey is considering with Russia and Iran the termination of the "de-escalation" agreement, and the implementation of a principled cease-fire agreement for six months.

    The source added, during the six months period, a buffer zone between the opposition factions and the regime forces will be established.

    The source also clarified the mechanism of the implementation of the agreement, where Turkish authorities will evacuate a 10-km-wide zone of the opposition controlled areas adjacent to the regime forces areas, besides, all heavy weapons will be withdrawn form which area. A police force will be established, similar to the one in northern countryside of Aleppo.

    The police force will work to control security in the buffer zone, and supervise its civil administration and local council. While the agreement will consider Russia and Iran as the guarantor part of the regime, will guarantee the evacuation of a 10-km-zone of the the regime areas adjacent to the opposition controlled areas, and the security of which areas will be controlled by the Chechen police in cooperation with the regime's police, and the administration will be under Assad regime municipalities, similar to the reconciliation areas in Homs.

    The source confirmed that after establishing the de-escalation points, the regime received orders from Hmeimim base to stop all ground operations adjacent to the area.

    It's worth noting that Turkey have established 12 military observation points, within the "de-escalation" agreement concluded in Astana.

    TurkeyRUSSIAregime forcesSyrian oppositionde-escalation zones