Disability may be a motivation for success


Thursday 19 July 2018 | 2:38 PM Damascus Time

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  • Disability may be a motivation for success

    Baladi New (Special)

    Writing by: Rana Saleh.

    7 years of war have caused a lot of harm to countless number of Syrians, but those adversities made some of them stronger and more insisting on success.
    Ahmad Al-Sarraj, 22, lost his leg after being shot by the regime forces in Hama 2011, but didn’t lose his ambition and perseverance.

    In 23rd of June 2011 Ahmad, who was only 16, riding a motorcycle and going to his job,when suddenly Assad’s military police raided the area.

    Ahmad was panicked, and knew they had orders to arrest all the young men of the area following the demonstration that took place there, in solidarity with the people of Daraa.

    He tried to hide somewhere, but the military police saw him, and shot him.

    Despite his bleeding wound, Ahmad hid under a car, and ten minutes later he could creep out.

    Ahmad was taken by a strange woman to the house of a doctor, who said that he must be transferred immediately to the hospital. The whole area was then surrounded by Assad’s army, and Ahmad's father had to wait 20 hours before taking his son to the hospital.

    When arrived there, Ahmad was unconscious, and the father had to bribe the very same one who shot his son in order not to kill him.

    Ahmad woke up the next day and knew his life will never be like before.

    A part of him was missing, Ahmad lost his leg!

    The 16-years-old boy closed himself in his room for 4 months, thinking of his disability, and that he will spend his life as an amputee.

    After 4 months of solitude Ahmad decided to go to Turkey to install an artificial leg, and he successfully did in 2012.

    He was so happy that he could walk again with two legs, hence, he went home walking without crutches.

    "I felt stronger than ever, I had enormous potential, and I thought that I shouldn't stop here," Ahmad said to Baladi News.

    Ahmad who dropped out of school since he was 12, decided to study again. He learnt Turkish and obtained both middle school certificate, and then the high school certificate.

    During this period Ahmad was a volunteer in several humanitarian organizations in Turkey, such as Turkish White Crescent and other similar organisations.

    About his motivation for volunteering in humanitarian organisations Ahmed said to Baladi News: “the main aim is to make people happy and leave a smile on the face of each child we meet.”

    “I suffered a lot to defeat the hardships that I passed through, thus, I don’t want those children to suffer as I did!” Ahmad added.

    Ahmad now is a partner in an office which provide legal services for Arabs in Turkey.

    He tried to continue his studies in one of the Turkish universities, but he was not accepted due to his age.

    He contacted several universities, but yet, no answer.

    Ahmad believes his disability made him a better person, and the choice is always ours, surrender or success..

    syrian storyTurkeyHamaSyrian RevolutionAhmad AlSarraj