Activists: Assad intelligence used rape to humiliate victims, families


Monday 10 December 2018 | 2:49 PM Damascus Time

Assad regimeFourth DivisionWomen of Ghouta  Eastern Ghouta

  • Activists: Assad intelligence used rape to humiliate victims, families

    Baladi News - Journals 

    Zaman al-Wasl journal issued a report that talks about Assad's intelligence's aim of humiliating women of Ghouta and their families by arresting, torturing and raping them.

    Osama al-Omari, Ghouta-based activist, confirmed that members of the Fourth Armored Division, led by Bashar al-Assad’s brother Maher, had arrested four women from the city of Arbin town in October, the report says. 

    The women were taken to an unknown destination, where they remained in detention until this month, the report added, then they were released without being able to confirm what they were subjected to during the period of detention, because it is like a red line for the residents to talk about so they think they should be completely silent about it. 

    This silence could not resist the terrible pain of one of the women who had nervous breakdown due to bad memories and what she suffered in the regime’s detention, which prompted her relatives to offer a consultation with a psychologist, but they realized that the treatment sessions on the details are terrifying, Zaman al-Wasl continues.

    Zaman al-Wasl was able to communicate with the doctor who supervised the treatment of the victim. 

    The doctor confirmed that this breakdown resulted from the continuous psychological trauma caused by the "multiple rape" as well as the severe beatings and threatening to kill her entire people in case it dared to disclose anything concerning the circumstances of her detention.

    The horror of the victim’s words tells only part of the whole scene, the journal says.

    The regime continues to press the "stigma" severely, by arresting women, fabricating the charges against them and not distinguishing between whether they remain in their areas and who have returned with some returnees from the north.

    Assad regimeFourth DivisionWomen of Ghouta  Eastern Ghouta