Jordan's PM appeals for more aid as most Syrian refugees set to stay

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Thursday 21 February 2019 | 0:34 AM Damascus Time

SyriaJordanSyrian refugeesUNOmar al-Razzaz

  • Jordan's PM appeals for more aid as most Syrian refugees set to stay

    Baladi News

    Jordan’s Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz appealed on Wednesday to major donors to continue multi-billion dollar funding for Syrian refugees in the kingdom, saying most of those who had fled the eight-year conflict had no intention of returning any time soon, Reuters news agency reported.

    Razzaz told representatives of major Western donors, U.N. agencies and NGOs that relatively few refugees had gone back since Bashar al Assad’s army last summer regained control of southern Syria, where most had fled from.

    “The number of refugees that so far returned voluntarily is low and most have no intention of going back any time soon,” Razzaz told a meeting to launch a U.N-funded government plan that earmarks $2.4 billion in funding needs for 2019.

    Officials say only around 10,000 refugees out of a total estimated at 1.3 million had left since the two countries opened the vital Nassib-Jaber border crossing last October, according to Reuters.

    Razzaz echoed the U.N. view that unstable conditions inside Syria, where large-scale destruction, fear of retribution and military conscription has made many reluctant to return.

    Source: Reuters.

    SyriaJordanSyrian refugeesUNOmar al-Razzaz