Assad's escalation leaves tow civilians dead and several injured


Friday 24 May 2019 | 5:51 PM Damascus Time

SyriaAssad regimeAssad warplanesRussiaIdlib

  • Assad's escalation leaves tow civilians dead and several injured


    Two civilians have been killed including a child while many others injured on Friday as a result of the continual aerial raids waged by the warplanes of Assad and Russia on different villages and towns in Idlib's countryside. 

    In the details, Assad warplanes targeted with high-explosive missiles the town of Mseebin and the agricultural fields surrounding the town, which led to the death of a man and his daughter, Baladi News correspondent reported. 

    Another child has been killed in the morning of Wednesday due to similar airstrikes on the city of Kafr Nubl in Idlib's southern countryside, Baladi News correspondent added. 

    Assad warplanes and helicopters have intensified their raids today, targeting civilians' neighborhoods, which caused massive destruction in civilians' properties. 

    On Thursday, 8 civilians were killed by Assad and Russia's airstrikes, while more than 15 others were injured including women and children. 


    SyriaAssad regimeAssad warplanesRussiaIdlib