Iran building border crossing in Syria to smuggle weapons: Israeli newspaper


Friday 24 May 2019 | 10:59 PM Damascus Time

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  • Iran building border crossing in Syria to smuggle weapons: Israeli newspaper


    Iran is building a border crossing between Iraq and Syria that will allow the smuggling of weapons, an Israeli newspaper reported.

    New satellite images have revealed the process of building a new border crossing, raising concerns that it could could expedite the transfer of weapons from Tehran to groups like Hezbollah, the newspaper wrote. 

    The images, taken by ImageSat International (ISI) this past week, allegedly shown construction activity of permanent infrastructure 2.6 kms west of the official Al Bukamal Al-Qaim border crossing between the two countries, according to the newspaper. 

    While the border crossing has been inactive, the area is under the control of pro-Iranian Shiite militias who are handled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp’s Quds force and have been putting in work and resources into building a new active one.

    In one image a new wide square measuring 270x165 meters has been under construction for the past three months and will probably be used as a storage compound for vehicles, equipment and possibly weapons, the newspaper pointed out. 

    According to ISI’s assessment, “tithout Syrian supervision, Iranian allies in Lebanon and Syria such as Hezbollah get a logistic channel, run by the Shiite militias and Iran,” ISI said, adding that “the foundation is part of the Iranian effort to establish the 1200 km length land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean.”

    Israel and the US have warned that Iran and their proxy militias are the biggest threats to Israel.

    Israel has waged several airstrikes against Iranian positions, destroying many ammunition depots and killing many Iranian militants.

    Source: The Jerusalem Post. 

    syriairanIranian militiasIsraelIraq