British journalists targeted by Assad drones


Saturday 25 May 2019 | 2:13 AM Damascus Time

SyriaIdlibAssad ForcesSky news correspondent

  • British journalists targeted by Assad drones


    Sky News journalists came under fire from a military drone yesterday in  a deliberate attack by the Assad regime. The dramatic attack captured on video, shows journalist Alex Crawford and her camera crew fleeing to their car to escape the shelling.

    The teams were in the south of Idlib province, the last Syrian opposition stronghold, reporting on the violence which has escalated in the region. The UN is warning of a humanitarian crisis as a result of the increased attacks.

    The footage of the drone attack shows Crawford and her team running desperately through the cover of smoke to escape the shelling. It’s alleged that the journalists were tracked as they tried to escape. The attack on the team, who were clearly marked as “press”, has prompted the allegation that it was intentional.

    “We were spotted by a military drone and then repeatedly shot at with what we believe were 125mm shells probably fired from a T-72 Russian battle tank,” Crawford said. “As we retreated to leave the area, the targeting of us continued.”

    Since 25 April, continuous air strikes by the Syrian regime and its allies on the de-escalation zone in Idlib have resulted in the killing and injuring of hundreds of civilians, as well as the displacement of tens of thousands of Syrians from their homes.

    Source: Middle East Monitor.

    SyriaIdlibAssad ForcesSky news correspondent