After burning it, regime forces recapture Kafr Nabudeh


Sunday 26 May 2019 | 6:28 PM Damascus Time

HamaKafr NabudahSyriaregime forcesRussiaopposition factions

  • After burning it, regime forces recapture Kafr Nabudeh


    The regime forces and the Russian-backed Five Corps militias have recaptured the city of Kafr Nabudah in Hama's northern countryside.

    This comes after a fierce attack by Assad forces, where they used the policy of scorched land.

    Baladi News correspondent reported that the opposition factions clashed with the regime forces and militias an an attempt to thwart their progress, and they killed many members of Assad forces and destroyed several military vehicles.

    In conjunction with the clashes, the regime forces and Russian warplanes waged more than 85 airstrikes on the city of Kafr Nabudah, and targeted the city intensively with rocket launchers.


    HamaKafr NabudahSyriaregime forcesRussiaopposition factions