Military Intelligence Branch Attacked in Sweidaa following Abduction of Anti-regime Activist


Monday 17 June 2019 | 8:47 PM Damascus Time


  • Military Intelligence Branch Attacked in Sweidaa following Abduction of Anti-regime Activist


    The city of Sweida is bearing witness to a state of severe tension, in the aftermath of an attack conducted by local armed groups on the Military Intelligence Branch, following the kidnapping of an anti-regime activist in front of his workplace.

    The finger of blame is directed at the security branches in the area.

    Gunmen have kidnapped the activist Muhanad Shihab ed-Din in front of his workplace, Enab Baladi newspaper reported.

    The newspaper added that the Military Security Branch is being accused of the kidnapping, while the true identity of the kidnappers has not yet been revealed.

    Several of the branch’s personnel have referred to the activist’s workplace in the past a few days, demanding information on him, said the reporter.

    Following the kidnapping incident, the vicinity of the Military Intelligence branch, in Sweida city, was a target to the extensive shooting, accompanied by the spread of local armed groups in the area, who gave the branch a brief respite, until today’s morning, to release the anti-regime activist.

    The militants of the Military Intelligence Branch started a shooting frenzy following the spread of the local armed groups in the surrounding of their post, Suwayda 24 network mentioned, adding that both sides exchanged fire and an ambulance was heard, heading to the site as injuries were reported.

    The activist Muhanad Shihab ed-Din is famous for his anti-regime opinions, which his personal account on Facebook elucidates, where he explicitly attacks the Syrian regime and the violations it is committing in Syria.

    The activist has lately mourned the “revolution’s goalkeeper” and its singer Abdul Baset al-Sarout in a post on his Facebook account, knowing that the al-Sarout died in the battles of northern rural Hama, under the command of Jaysh al-Izza (Army of Glory).

    Source: Enab Baladi.