Four Syrian refugees drown in Lebanon

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Monday 15 July 2019 | 0:10 AM Damascus Time

Syria Lebanon Syrian refugees

  • Four Syrian refugees drown in Lebanon


    Four Syrians, a father and three children, drowned while swimming in one Lebanon;s coasts, Lebanese media sources reported.

    The father and his three children were swimming on the rocky shore of Assadeiat area, when they were swept by the sea current, the National News Agency reported. 

    Tow children were transferred to the Siblin and Jiyeh hospitals, where the girl was reported to have died as a result of swallowing large quantities of water, while the other's condition was described as very critical, the agency added. 

    The agency pointed out that members of the marine rescue unit in the Civil Defense found the body of the father, "Othman Ahmed al-Hussein," while they are still searching for the body of the last victim. 

    The UNHCR reported that the number of registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon reached 997,000 by the end of November 2017, while the Lebanese government says that the real numbers is 1.5 million.

    Syria Lebanon Syrian refugees