16 warplanes bombard Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib


Friday 19 July 2019 | 10:25 PM Damascus Time

SyriaAssad regimeRussiaRussian WarplanesIdlibKhan Sheikhoun

  • 16 warplanes bombard Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib


    Heavy bombardment by Russian and Assad regime aircrafts took place on Friday in the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib.
    A joint aerial campaign involving more than 16 Russian aircraft and helicopter targeted the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib, where they used various munitions including thermobaric bombs, incendiary missiles, barrels and explosive cylinders, and C5 and C8 missiles, Baladi News correspondent reported. 
    The shelling targeted all the residential areas of the city, and caused the greatest destruction in civilians' properties as well as vital and public facilities, Baladi correspondent added.

    This campaign is most violent of its kind since the beginning of the military action against the northern villages of Hama and the southern countryside of Idlib.

    In the same context, the Civil Defence has documented 29 aerial raids with dozens of missiles fired on the city, where Assad and Russia used the internationally banned cluster bombs in two of which raids.

    Meanwhile, 10 Assad helicopters targeted the residential areas in of the city, and dropped more than 120 barrel bombs, and around 130 artillery shells and rockets, some of which were loaded with cluster bomb. 

    Since April 26 Russia and Assad regime have waged a brutal military campaign against Idlib and Hama's countryside, killed more than 600 civilians, displaced more than 500,000, and destroyed more than 29 medical centers. 


    SyriaAssad regimeRussiaRussian WarplanesIdlibKhan Sheikhoun