Vaccination Of Chicken Campaign Against Most Dangerous Diseases


Saturday 20 July 2019 | 9:12 PM Damascus Time

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  • Vaccination Of Chicken Campaign Against Most Dangerous Diseases


    The the first phase of a vaccination campaign against the Newcastle disease has been launched on 11 July, in the majority of poultries in Idlib and Aleppo governorates, Enab Baladi newspaper reported.

    This campaign is launched with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Watan Foundation,

    The main goal of the project is to support vulnerable families in Northern Syria, which rely on livestock as their primary source of income, according to Ziad Sibai, media director of Watan.

    Sibai added, told Enab Baladi that the project takes the protection of livestock into account through launching vaccination campaigns, supporting the veterinary treatments and improving the incomes of vulnerable families who lost livestock during the ongoing armed conflict.

    The vaccination campaign against Newcastle disease had been carried out in most of the poultry farms in Idlib province, as well as houses with one chicken, to ensure full protection of the area from the disease, according to Sibai.

    Sibai also said that the medical team of Watan Foundation had recorded the vaccination of about 1.2 million keeping chickens and domestic birds, by reaching about 40 thousand of poultry farmers.

    Ahmed Qarmo, a chicken farmer in Tal Ammar town, northwest of Idilb, believes that these vaccination campaigns are very necessary at a time, where livestock is suffering ongoing deterioration.

    Qarmo said to Enab Baladi that the project saves the poultry farmers a lot of expenses for vaccinating fowls and village chickens, protecting them from death as livestock is the main source of livelihood for many families in Northern Syria.

    Source: Enab Baladi.

    SyriaChicken vaccinationWatan FoundationUN Idlib