57-year-old woman dreams of leaving Madaya for Treatment


Friday 8 April 2016 | 8:45 PM Damascus Time

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  • 57-year-old woman dreams of leaving Madaya for Treatment

    By Jawad Al –Zabadani, Baladi News, Damascus Countryside
    "I prefer dying at the hospital than dying in this prison", describing (her bed). A wish expressed by an old woman who suffers from many diseases. Her only dream is to be able to get out of the suffocating besiegement in order to receive medical treatment at the hospital.
    The 57-year old woman, Mrs. "Aziza Ibrahim", suffers with her compatriots from a strict besiegement imposed by "Hezbollah" militias. It's worth noting here that she is not the only patient in the city, 300 other patients are in desperate need for urgent treatment.
    Mrs. "Aziza" accuses the militias of Hezbollah and Assad's regime forces of besieging the town and preventing people from getting out for treatment. She tried to get up out of bed on her own ,but she couldn't due to a disease that infected her feet, and mad her confined to bed .
    Mrs. "Aziza" calls on Red Crescent and United Nations to move her to a specialized hospital outside the besieged town to be treated after her health had deteriorated.
    The Lebanese militias of Hezbollah and the regime forces have been surrounding more than 40 thousand civilians in Madaya since July 2015, despite the fact that the regime approved on entering relief aids to the town since the beginning of the year, but such aids were free of drugs and vaccines for children, and restricted to food supplies, mainly Legumes.
    Due to the severe shortage of food, the child "Muhammed Akram Sha'aban" died last Monday. The Red Crescent entered the town of Madaya on Sunday, and tried to get him out for treatment, but Hezbollah's militias along with Assad's regime forces refused that", according to Muhammed's sister.
    Doctor Mohammed Yusuf, the head of medical staff in Madaya and Baqin, says, "We have 53 patients, including the elderly "Aziza" who is in a critical condition, and who must be transferred to specialized hospitals outside the besieged areas for treatment."
    "Doctors in the medical unit are trying to help the patients with the available medicines, but they are in urgent need of "Blood Pipon" which is unavailable, in addition to nourishing patients with proteins from red meat, milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables which are also unavailable, noting that the food portions provided by UN contain mainly Legumes, he added.
    The only medical unit in Madaya and Baqin- which is shouldering the responsibility of treating hundreds of patients in Madaya- suffers from a shortage of medical cadres as they only have one doctor, two medicine students and one nurse.
    Assad's regime forces and Hezbollah's militias besiege more than 1200 patients with chronic diseases and in urgent need for treatment at specialized hospitals outside the town, according to the medical center in Madaya.
    Mrs. "Aziza's" situation along with other similar situations in the besieged cities remain the center of constant concern due to the fear of their health deterioration, especially that the regime is preventing them from leaving the country, and is turning a deaf ear to the calls by humanitarian organizations to get the serious medical situations out of the town.
    Neighbors of Mrs. "Aziza" are looking after her, as she doesn't have any grandchildren or even children. She says to Baladi news that she will not stop trying to walk on her feet again and will try to stay alive in order to know what she is suffering from.

    Al –ZabadaniWar crimes AssadMadayaHezbollahUN