In his life and after his death: Cluster bombs disposal personnel saved children in the countryside of Homs


Friday 8 April 2016 | 8:48 PM Damascus Time

Cluster bombsAssadWar crimes SyriaHoms

  • In his life and after his death: Cluster bombs disposal personnel saved children in the countryside of Homs

    Saleh Al Dehek, Baladi News, Homs
    Baladi News correspondent didn't have enough time to finish his report with the martyr "Hussein Abdul Karim Al-Dehek", the son of the city of Talbiseh in the northern countryside of Homs, who died while dismantling cluster bombs. He lost his life before drawing people's attention to the gravity of cluster bombs shelled by the regime and Russian warplanes on most of the liberated areas.
    "Al-Dehek was very interested in the unexploded bombs and he was the first to collect and dismantle them to learn the explosion method, according to Baladi News correspondent. "He took it upon himself to personally search for those bombs and dismantle them, after a boy's hand was amputated by one, and dedicated all his time for this job", he added. The correspondent went on saying "I accompanied Hussein while searching for cluster bombs to disable them , in order to save children's lives, being the most exposed to them- out of their curiosity for strange objects".
    "Hussein was a good guy , who cared only about offering his experiences to all Syrians, he considered his job a noble one, with no less importance than fighting in battlefields, demonstrating or saving lives in field hospitals", the corresponded added.
    "Tens of bombs exploded in the area, resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of many civilians. However, Hussein paid no heed to the dangerous part of his job; he surfed the internet looking for ways of dismantling cluster bombs knowing that he could be wounded or dead by one of them at any time as he said in the report".
    It's noteworthy that during the five years of war Assad's regime and Russian warplanes extensively used internationally-banned cluster bombs which are highly-explosive and incendiary. Many of those bombs turned to mines killing civilians and inflicting a great deal of casualties among them even after the shelling stopped.

    Cluster bombsAssadWar crimes SyriaHoms