Kafranbel’s girl, tricked regime security to share her drawings in revolt demonstrations


Tuesday 12 April 2016 | 4:31 PM Damascus Time


  • Kafranbel’s girl, tricked regime security to share her drawings in revolt demonstrations


    (Zaman Al Wasl)- Eman Ahmed, a Syrian young lady from Kafranbel in Idlib, talented in drawing. Her parents discovered her talent when she was 6 years old from drawing of her friends.

    She applied in 2011 for admission exam in the College of Fine Arts, but she was not successful because she has no support or recommendation to get through.

    Eman told Zaman Al Wasl that she was working at a Lawyer office when the revolution and demonstration reached to Aleppo and she without thinking for a moment had participated in the revolution despite the fear of arrest.

    As well as demonstrating, she used her life-long peaceful weapon, the Art.

    She contacted her friends to work on contacting the media office to use her drawings in Kafranbel demonstrations. The matter was achieved secretly, even her family was not aware of what she was doing, apart from her mother, who encouraged her to carry on her activity.

    Eman managed to sneakily get her revolutionary drawings out of Seif Adoleh neighborhood in Aleppo, to hand them to her friends in the university accommodation in order to deliver them to her home town, Kafranbel.

    “I used to put drawings beneath the underlay of the bag and sew it very well so no one could've suspected anything, especially with my outer appearance and my accent which was close to Damascus accent, which help me to pass barriers easily”, she detailed.

    When shelling increased on her neighborhood in Aleppo, she with her family left to their hometown, Kafranbel, then they left to Turkey in 2014 then to Sweden, where she started a new step in improving her drawing skills, when she started drawing caricature and published drawings over the internet.

    She participated in small project for children consists of 10 kids’ stories titled “Syria, the childhood”. Some of stories' name: Rayan’s Honesty, the Ant

    Kafranbel’s girl, tricked regime security to share her drawings in revolt demonstrations

    kingdom, the country, the prince of pumkin, the secret of beauty. These stories were distributed in the countryside of Idlib.

    The young artist started working in an art centre called “Art Town” in January this year after becoming highly skilled and professional in drawing portrait and started using acrylic in drawing.

    When the owners of the “Art town” noticed her experience and distinctive talent, they nominated her to participate in Kristiantad exhibition where she was the only Arabic participant among 57 artists.

    Kafranbel’s girl has not forgotten her hometown, or places she lived or studied in, she drew Kafranbel, Aleppo’s old neighborhoods, Damascus special places. She gave Swedish people the real picture of Syria and how it used to be before the war and destruction.

    “I wish to have the chance to draw the moment of victory of the revolution and how the country would come to life again” ended.