Assad and Russia lose 900 of their fighters on Idlib's fronts


Sunday 18 August 2019 | 9:57 PM Damascus Time

SyriaAssad forcesHamaIdlibRussian forcesAssad-Russia allianceLatakia

  • Assad and Russia lose 900 of their fighters on Idlib's fronts


    The General Media Centre has issued a report on Friday regarding the losses of Assad and Russian forces in the fronts of Idlib's southern countryside and Hama's northern countryside since August 1, till August 15.

    "Russia and Assad regime forces have lost 887 fighters and militiamen including some officers in the Assad army within 15 days," a member of the General Media Centre "Mohammed Qarqas " said to Baladi News. 

    The Syrian opposition fighters have destroyed 18 tanks, 5 BMPs, 34 4-wheels-cars, 3 rocket launchers, 17 artillery guns, 15 military vehicles, 17 guns types 130 - 23 - 57, 8 military bulldozers and 8 anti-aircraft bases, Qarqas said. 

    "For 100 days until the moment Russian and Assad forces have been trying to take control over the cities and towns of Hama and Idlib countrysides, as well as Tell Kabuneh in Latakia countryside, where they used the scorched earth policy," Qarqas added to Baladi News.

    "Although they took control over some towns and villages in Hama and Idlib countryside, they didn't advance in the axis of Tell Kabineh in Latakia's copuntryside," Qarqas said. 


    SyriaAssad forcesHamaIdlibRussian forcesAssad-Russia allianceLatakia