At least 185,000 war-disabled soldiers in Assad army


Saturday 14 September 2019 | 11:47 PM Damascus Time

SyriaAssad regime soldiers Bashar Al Assad

  • At least 185,000 war-disabled soldiers in Assad army


    The Syrian Defense Ministry provided lists of 185,000 soldiers with permanent disabilities as a result of their injuries during the regime's military actions against the Syrian people, Zaman Al-Wasl newspaper reported. 

    The submission of these lists came at the request of the regime's top leadership, which demanded in its request that the disabled should be able to perform work commensurate with the disability they suffered, and not be completely paralyzed, the newspaper quoted a source who spoke in condition of anonymity. 

    This comes as a result of the pressure of the families of the disabled as the pensions paid for the disabled is not sufficient. After studying the situation of the army’s disabled, the leadership of the regime took a decision requiring private sector companies to hire those who can do any work, whatever the disability, in private sector companies. The regime also imposed on the private sector companies to increase the salary of the disabled for more than 30,000 SYP ($50).

    Most of the disabled are officers, soldiers and reservists whose salary or monthly disability compensation is generally less than 30,000 SYP.

    Source: Zaman Al-Wasl.

    SyriaAssad regime soldiers Bashar Al Assad