Syrian refugee gets first place in secondary school exams in Bremen, Germany


Tuesday 17 September 2019 | 10:48 PM Damascus Time

Manal QaddourSyrian refugeeGermanySyria

  • Syrian refugee gets first place in secondary school exams in Bremen, Germany


    The Syrian refugee student Manal Qaddour has overcome the conditions of war and the impact of displacement and asylum, getting first place in the secondary school exams in the state of Bremen, Germany, with a pass rate of 1.6%.

    Qaddour arrived in Germany in March 2015 under the reunification law that her father presented to the German government.
    Nabil Qaddour, father, said that Manal's first difficulties were the lack of a vacant place in German schools, but she refused to give up her dream of studying medicine. So she mastered the first level of German at home.

    He added, "Manal's determination led the family to move to the Heimlingen so to be close to her school. She entered the second year of secondary school three months before the end of the school year, to find herself facing two obstacles: the curriculum and the German language."

    In spite of the harsh conditions, Manal worked hard to learn German, studying the language alone for 5 to 6 hours a day.

    Following the announcement of the results, Qaddour applied to six German universities for a seat in a faculty of medicine. While waiting for a response, she is participating in the voluntary work at Bremen-Mitte hospital. She is also preparing to participate in a refugee organization that seeks to provide school assistance to refugee children.

    Source: Zaman Al-Wasl.

    Manal QaddourSyrian refugeeGermanySyria