Russian warplanes commit massacre in Syria's Aleppo


Wednesday 6 November 2019 | 10:15 PM Damascus Time

SyriaAleppoRussian WarplanesAssad regime forces

  • Russian warplanes commit massacre in Syria's Aleppo


    Six civilians, including a girl and her mother, have been killed and dozens have been injured by the bombardment of the Russian warplanes which targeted the town of Sahara in the western suburb of Aleppo in North Syria, the Syrian Network for Human Rights reported. 

    The Russian warplanes launched three airstrikes on the town, using thermobaric missiles, Baladi News correspondent reported. 

    In the northern suburb of Aleppo, the Assad regime forces targeted Masibeen village with artillery shells, causing massive destruction in the area. 

    It's noteworthy that the Civil Defence Centre of Anadan town has been rendered out of service after being targeted with the heavy artillery of Assad regime forces, which led to the total destruction of the building and the vehicles which belonged to it.


    SyriaAleppoRussian WarplanesAssad regime forces