Russian warplanes kill 8 civilians in Idlib


Tuesday 12 November 2019 | 11:39 PM Damascus Time

SyriaRussiaAssad regime Russian WarplanesIdlib

  • Russian warplanes kill 8 civilians in Idlib


    A woman has been killed and two other civilians injured by the Russian warplanes which targeted the city of Kafr Nubl, in Idlib's southern countryside with high-explosive missiles, Baladi News correspondent reported. 

    In the village of Shnan of Jabal Al-Zawiyeh, the Russian warplanes have committed a massacre, killing 3 civilians including a woman, Baladi correspondent added. 

    He said that Tuesday's death toll reached 8 civilians including 2 women. 

    Despite the truce announced by Russia in Idlib, Russian and Assad warplanes have escalated their bombardment in the province, killing and injuring dozens of civilians and destroying several medical centres. 


    SyriaRussiaAssad regime Russian WarplanesIdlib