Days After Sustaining an Injury, Journalist Khaled al-Essa Goes to Glory


Sunday 26 June 2016 | 2:0 AM Damascus Time

Khaled al-EssaHadi al-AbdallahSyriaAleppoKafr NablTurkey

  • Days After Sustaining an Injury, Journalist Khaled al-Essa Goes to Glory

    Saturday 25 June 2016

    Baladi News (Saleh Al Dahhiek)

    Cameraman and media journalist, Khaled Al Essa, died on Friday, days after sustaining wounds in assassination attempt with his colleague media activist Hadi al-Abdallah in al-Shaar neighborhood in Aleppo.

    The assassination attempt was conducted on June 17 when an explosive device was hidden in his home in Aleppo. Khaled sustained a serious injury in the head, and was taken, along with Hadi, to a Turkish hospital in Antakya. Last Thursday, he was granted a Visa to arrive in Germany for surgery, but he succumbed to his injuries before that could took place

    The assassination attempt came two days after al Essa and al-Abdallah were injured in a bombing in Jisr al-Haj in Aleppo while documenting the airstrikes against the neighborhood.

    Al-Essa documented many regime crimes in Aleppo southern countryside as well as the city of Aleppo while working as an activist and cameraman over the years of the Syrian revolution.

    In the same context, activists close to Hadi al-Abdullah said that the latter became in good health, but needs some treatment according to Tarek, who has been the administrator of the official page of Hadi al-Abdallah on Facebook since his injury.

    Khaled al-EssaHadi al-AbdallahSyriaAleppoKafr NablTurkey