SDF Burn Properties Records in Manbij


Monday 15 August 2016 | 10:56 AM Damascus Time

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  • SDF Burn Properties Records in Manbij

    Baladi News – Sama Masoud

    Private sources confirmed to Baladi News that Syria’s Democratic Forces (SDF) burned the property records division in the court of Manbij (3rd Story) after capturing the city on Friday under the support of the international coalition forces.

    The sources added, “the fires destroyed all the property records and documents of the city of Manbij and its villages east from Aleppo.”

    Concurrently, residents who left the city are afraid that they might not be able to get back, especially that it would be difficult for them to prove the ownership of their properties in the city that became under the control of SDF forces, which are mainly constituted by the Kurdish People’s Defense Units that were accused by international organizations of conducting systematic expulsion against the Sunni Arabs and Turkmen under the pretext of affiliating with ISIS.

    SDF allowed some of its journalists to enter the city and take specific photos showing compassionate “Kurdish female fighters” under deliberate agenda according to observers.

    Capturing Manbij city is an important event towards gaining full control over the whole Syrian-Turkish borders to the Mediterranean in the west, which would not be allowed by Turkey according to statements given by Turkish officials more than once.

    Military analysts indicated that the capture of Manbij was supported and facilitated by the United States. However, the analysts do not expect that the rise of the Kurdish identity would be allowed to continue by the United States in northern Syria, and the American support is merely a political card to scare Turkey.

    It is noteworthy that the Kurdish forces took hold of Tell Abyad nearly two years ago, preventing thousands of Arab families from returning and living in their houses. Some observers attributed such a practice to the fact that the Kurdish Units aim at the establishment of a racial Kurdish state void of Arabs.

    SDFKurdish Protection UnitsManbijISISInternational Coalition