Darayya…How Iran Kills Cities


Monday 29 August 2016 | 5:1 PM Damascus Time

DarayyaIranIranian OccupationDamascusDamascus Countryside

  • Darayya…How Iran Kills Cities

    Baladi News – (Sama Masoud)

    Except the Great Fire of Rome, history had never witnessed a more savage crime than what was perpetrated against Darayya today. However, Nero, the despot that is thought to have burned Rome and killed its people, claimed that he had done so in order to build it again. Meanwhile, Assad spent five years in burning Darayya and other Syrian cities.

    Darayya…”History of Revolution”

    Before the Syrian uprising, the population of Darayya city in the western countryside of Damascus was 120 thousand people. However, this number decreased dramatically due to the suppression and crimes of the Syrian regime that caused many people to leave the city. In the morning of 8 October 2012, the Syrian regime started a siege on the city, which caused a mass displacement of people who were afraid of a massacre similar to the one that had taken place in July and August of the same year, in which nearly 600 civilians were either slaughtered or burned. At the end, only 2900 people, including civilians and fighters, remained in the city.

    For four years, the largest two factions in the city, Martyrs of Darayya  and Ajnad al-Sham, supported by al-Fatah and al-Fajr brigades from Muadamiyat al-Sham, had been able to repel the attacks of the regime on the city until February 2016, when the regime could separate the two cities by gaining control over Marwan River between them. This placed the Darayya between a hammer and a hard place; The regime started advancing and capturing military points on the one hand, and lack of food and ammunitions exhausted the city on the other.

    After losing more than 1000 of its elite soldiers, the regime sought to end the battle of Darayya through blockading it, which was fulfilled after 8 months of complete isolation of the city.

    Sectarian Battle masked with patriotic slogans

    The Syrian regime claimed that its military operations aimed at liberating the city from the terrorists and return properties to their owners, but the realities on the ground tell completely another story. The regime army was executing the orders of the Iranians who were truly leading the fight.

    For Iranians, the city became of a religious importance after faking a story about the existence of shrine of al-Sayyida Sukaina , daughter of al-Hussein, Son of Ali. So, it built a shrine at a tomb of an unknown person to give some credibility to its story.

    Strategic Importance

    For the Syrian regime, Darayya is considered the gate to both the western and southern country sides of Damascus. It also forms 25% of the city enclosure, which would pave the way for the Iranian to capture the capital after building dozens of Shiite mosques and shrines.

    The complete evacuation of Darayya city was the condition of not waging a genocide against the city. Today, The city is almost completely destroyed, which would pave the way towards obliterating and rebuilding the city according to the Shiite viewpoint.

    DarayyaIranIranian OccupationDamascusDamascus Countryside