The Civil Defence teams (White Helmets) rescued, Sunday June 16, the child Khaled Al-Bakour from inevitable death following an airstrike by an Assad warplane type SU-22, on his family's house in Maarat Al-Numan.

A footage published by the White Helmets shows the civil defence volunteers pulling the body of the boy, while his brother was screaming: "he's dead! He's dead!" 

"When the Assad warplanes targeted the civilians' houses, we rushed to the site, to face a very painful scene, where a distressed mother and her 4 crying children were calling for rescuing their brother who was buried with the rubble," the head chief of civil defence office Mohammed Nasr Eddin said to Baladi News.

"Our happiness was indescribable as we found the little boy breathing and his little heart was still beating, when his mother and everybody else thought he was dead," Nasr Eddin added.



  • White Helmets rescue child thought to be dead under the rubble


    Monday 17 June 2019 | 11:57 PM Damascus Time