Baladi is a Syrian local news service that publishes news, reports, news and humanitarian stories around the clock, depending on a network of correspondents deployed all over Syria.

Baladi Network is committed to the professional principles which serve the Revolution of the Syrian people demanding for freedom, justice and dignity, and rejects all kinds of religious and ethnic extremism, because this network was born from the womb of the Syrian Revolution.

Baladi adopts credibility and objectivity in reporting the news, and respects its audience with the press materials published through its Arabic and English websites.

The network seeks the truth in all fairness and independency, and never seeks achieving scoop at the expense of truth. Baladi Network works on covering the Syrian events around the clock, and in cooperation with its correspondents, completes  press materials in the political, military, social and humanitarian fields. The content published by Baladi considered as its own, based on the efforts of its working team and taking into account the journalistic and professional ethics. As for the private content of the website, the visitor is allowed to quote from the website in condition of referring to the source. 

Any follower of the site can inquire about the content of the press material in the case there was a linguistic mistake or false information, Baladi will consider this as a form of contribution to develop the site's performance in the future. Baladi admits the mistake, if happened, and is committed to correct it and apologize for making it, and avoid repeating it.

The network was founded by the Union Of The Syrians In The diaspora, which is a union of a group of people in countries of alienation, united by patriotism and interests of their Home land. They saw in the network a way to contribute in building the country, and liberating it from injustice and tyranny, and raise it to the level of developed countries, and an actual participation in the Syrian Revolution that was called for by the sons of Syria inside and outside the country.