Lebanon isolates refugees' camp in Akar - It's Over 9000!

Lebanon isolates refugees' camp in Akar


A Lebanese mayor has imposed a quarantine in a Syrian refugee camp in Sahel Akkar , on suspicion of coronavirus infection.

"The workers of the Red Cross transported one a displaced Syrian man from the camp number 28 in Sahel Akkar, to Rafeeq al-Hariri Hospital University in Beirut, on suspicion of contracting the coronavirus, Lebanese media quoted the head of Tel Hayat municipality, Khaled Al-Khaled, as saying.

Al-Khaled added that if the young man he will contaminate the whole camp, thus, the Lebanese authorities decided to isolate the camp until they see the results of the test. 

The UNHCR External Relations Officer, Lisa Abu Khaled, confirmed that the refugee camps in Lebanon have no Coronavirus cases (Covid 19).

Lebanon has previously detected 149 new cases of Coronavirus, four of whom have died so far, while no one among Syrian refugees was infected.

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